C++ and Matlab code for ecological modellling

You can download the scripts for free, you should only cite our publications (see below).
The scripts are provided as is, without any additional description. If you need some guide or a new feature please contact me, it can help me to start writing help  and develop the script.

Ontogenetic krill model


C++ code:                   Project archive
Citation/results:     Ryabov, A. B., A. M. de Roos, B. Meyer, S. Kawaguchi, and B. Blasius. 2017. Competition-induced starvation drives large-scale population cycles in Antarctic krill. Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Resource competition in a heterogeneous environment


Matlab code:         Project archive        
Citation/results:  Hodapp, D., H. Hillebrand, B. Blasius, and A. B. Ryabov. 2016. Environmental and trait variability constrain community structure and the biodiversity-productivity relationship. Ecology 97:1463-1474.