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"Dose Imaging"

Multidimensional Dose and Activity Patterns in Radiation Medicine

Within recent years radiotherapy has undergone some major and significant changes from static, nearly unmodulated fields towards small and intensity modulated techniques including the extensive use of dynamic irradiation schemes such as modulated arc techniques allowing the application of complex dose patterns. Under radiobiological aspects, e.g. the elimination of anoxic conditions in tumour tissues, this technique has sometimes been named labelled dose painting of a tumor.

Likewise, dosimetry must deal with highly inhomogeneous dose distributions of variable shape, accompanied by strong dose rate differences and significant spectral changes of the beam, in combination with higher out-of-field doses and increased irradiation times. The research activities of our group are strongly directed towards the solution of the associated problems with the methods of medical radiation physics. During the last years, we follow successfully the path of expanding established concepts for the characterization and measurement of dose distributions and introduced new ones by the development of new detectors and mathematical methods, guided by the concepts of signal theory.

Summarizing the activities that will be described on the next pages, we tried to assist in conceiving a new paradigm of dosimetry which may be called “dose pattern analysis” or shortly “dose imaging”.