Hopf demo outputs and movies

Current Hopf library written and maintained by
H. Uecker

The hopf library as part of the Matlab package pde2path (v2.3) provides functions for continuation of time periodic orbits of the pde2path class of PDEs. For this it couples the standard pde2path setup with (modifications of) the BVP solver TOM. To run it efficiently we recommend to also download ilupack ; mex it, add it to the Matlab path, and then set p.hopf.ilss=1; before calling p=cont(p,10); on a Hopf branch.
Have a look at the Hopf tutorial, and the Hopf Algorithms and Applications, and the m-files in /pdepath/hopfdemos which come with pde2path for more information. For comparison and reference here we provide some verbatim outputs of these demos, and some movies.
To start your own simulations, copy files from a hopfdemo similar to your system into a new directory, and start modifying these files.
For bugs, questions or remarks please write to: hannes.uecker -- at -- uni-oldenburg.de. Any feedback is welcome.