Hanno Seebens

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Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (SBiK-F)
Biodiversity dynamics and climate (Prof Thomas Hickler)
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: ++49 69 7542 1874
E-mail: hanno.seebens@senckenberg.de

Coordinating Lead Author of IPBES assessment on invasive alien species, chapter 2, Status and trends
Contributing author of IPBES Regional Assessment for Europe and Central Asia
Contributing author of IPBES Regional Assessment for the Americas
Contributing author of IPBES Global Assessment, 'Status and trends: Nature'
Contributing author of IPBES Global Assessment, 'Status and trends: Drivers'
Member of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)

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Scientists’ warning on invasive alien species

Pyšek, P., P. E. Hulme, D. Simberloff, S. Bacher, T. M. Blackburn, J. T. Carlton, W. Dawson, F. Essl, L. C. Foxcroft, P. Genovesi, J. M. Jeschke, I. Kühn, A. M. Liebhold, N. E. Mandrak, L. A. Meyerson, A. Pauchard, J. Pergl, H. E. Roy, H. Seebens, M. Kleunen, M. Vilà, M. J. Wingfield, and D. M. Richardson. 2020. Scientists’ warning on invasive alien species Biological Reviews brv.12627. (open access)


Some of my contributions to that topic:

My full-page article about the globalisation of ecosystems through species exchangens in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (in print 14.11.2018 and online) Myself talking about alien species in BILD (online and in print, 12th December, 2018)

Paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B:
Seebens et al. (2019) Non-native species spread in a complex network: the interaction of global transport and local population dynamics determines invasion success.

Paper published in PNAS:
Seebens et al. (2018) Global rise in emerging alien species results from increased accessibility of new source pools. pdf
Featured in IUCN (News)
Commentary by E.D. Grosholz in PNAS

Paper published in Nature Communications:
Seebens et al. (2017) No saturation in the accumulation of alien species worldwide.
Featured in Science (News) and Nature (Research Highlights) and IUCN Issues Brief
See 'Media responses' for further reactions by the public press

Paper published in Nature Ecology & Evolution:
Dawson et al. (2017) Global hotspots and correlates of alien species richness across taxonomic groups.

Paper published in Ecology Letters:
Seebens et al. (2017) The intermediate distance hypothesis of biological invasions. pdf