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Postal history of Haiti - The british E53 cancel

On this page you will find examples of British stamps canceled by the numeral cancel "E53". This cancel was used at the British post office in Port au Prince on Haiti from 1869 to 30 June 1881. An equivalent nummeral cancel "C59" was used in Jacmel from 1865 to 30 June 1881. Do you have such a letter for sale or trade, please send me an e-mail (mou@dou.dk).

British 4 pence brown, plate 17, cancelled E53 Blok of four British one penny stamps cancelled E53 British 2 shilling blue cancelled E53

Letter send from the British Post Office in Port au Prince showing 
the E53-cancel on British stamps

This letter is send from the British Post Office in Port au Prince to France. It is franked with a strip of three 4 pence sage green, plate 16, and one three half penny red-brown, in total 13 pence, which was the rate for letters to France via Britain from 1868 to 31 june 1881.

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