Marine geochemistry

In a cooperation with the group by Thorsten Dittmar we analyse the fate of dissolved organic matter in the oceans.

In this project, at the borderline between theoretical ecology, mathematical modeling, and marine geochemistry, we aim to identify the mechanisms controlling the molecular structure and spatio-temporal dynamics of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the ocean. To achieve this we model the complex network of interactions between highly diverse microbial communities and organic molecules. Upscaling model results to a global scale will allow to predict chemical and ecological turnover rates in a changing ocean.

This part of two collaborative projects, both funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture:

  • EcoMol
  • Global Carbon Cycling and Complex Molecular Patterns in Aquatic Systems: Integrated Analyses Powered by Semantic Data Management.
Bernd Blasius
Professor for Mathematical Modelling

I am interested in the theoretical description of complex living systems at the interface of theoretical ecology and applied mathematics